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Message from President Stephen Lee 
Welcome to the last week of November….!  After a really good feedback meeting last week, I was all prepared to follow on with our discussion on Membership, summarising and developing a plan to which we could all connect, however my week ended up taking a different path.  Without boring you with too many details, I recently had an MRI and after a call from my specialist, ended up needing to visit the day surgery at St John of God last Friday.
Now I know this would be a walk in the park for most, however for me, never having been inside a hospital (other than when Josh and Ben were born) and never having had a general anaesthetic, I found myself rather apprehensive as to what lay before me.  I managed my predicament by not wanting to know anything about what was going to happen and anyone who tried to walk me through it was met with my blank gaze – I couldn’t process what they were telling me and was caught up in the story (of dread) I managed to construct for myself.  Let me tell you, had they not taken payment in advance and Sue had not dropped directly to the reception area, I don’t think I would have found myself in the bed being prepped for surgery!  Didn’t know I was capable of experiencing such anxiety, and when the bloke came over with the oxygen mask pressed it to my face and told me to relax…..
Thankfully I didn’t end there.  In fact that was the last I remember until I woke up in another area 2½ hours later with a sense of euphoria I hadn’t experienced for some time. Somehow I bucked the odds and survived my relatively minor surgery…?!?  Of course surgery of any kind is not something to make light of and we must count our blessings for the expertise and access to that expertise we all have. I am however, led to ponder how in the face of evidence, logic and reason, it is still possible to feel such reticence and apprehension.
Hard to overlook the fact that it must have something to do with the unknown – but how can anything be unknown the Google Age??  That’s the trick really, the unknown is different for each of us and what may present a road block or debilitating anxiety for one, is of little concern to another.  So it is the translation process inevitably that needs to be different – and not always following a discernible logic.
This leads me to conclude that it is not one tool but many tools we each need in addressing and coming through the unknown, empathy, knowledge, experience, feedback, resilience, intent, the list goes on.  There is always a path to the other side we just need to find our way.
Can’t help but think how the same applies to our approach to membership….
Yours in Rotary Service,
President 2020-21
Work Women Wisdom #WWW members purchased 10 lovely handbags from SWAPMEET and filled them with personal care items. 
These handbags were then donated to Share the Dignity 'It's in the Bag' campaign which runs between 20 to 29 November 2020.
More information at
WPRC Angel Tree - Christmas Hampers
We would like to do a Christmas Hampers for each family to accompany the children’s gifts. We have 21 families and we would like contributions from the members. 
Below is a list of items you can donate or a cash contribution would also be great:
• Fruit Juice
• Snacks & nuts
• Dried Fruits
• Christmas mince pies
• Christmas Pudding & custard
• Christmas crackers
Please touch base with Mally if you want to contribute. 
Joint District Conference 2021 

It is now confirmed the Conference will be held at OPTUS STADIUM from 5-7th March.

Whilst we have an amazing Conference Program being developed and some truly inspirational speakers lined up……support is needed to make this event a big success. Get your tickets early and make sure you pass this opportunity on to friends and family.

This opportunity to celebrate 100 years of Rotary in the worlds most beautiful stadium is definitely an event not to be missed.

Breakfast Meeting  Thursday 26 November 2020
Join us for breakfast and hear from artist Mark Thornton. Mark was born and raised in country WA where he started drawing cartoons. Drawing - especially caricatures became a hobby through university and work years as a Chartered Accountant. 
Mark was an avid fan of the likes of Paul Rigby and Larry Pickering.
After retiring in 2008 Mark started painting and extended this to painting caricatures. Between caricaturing family and friends, he also does commissions and have begun doing demonstrations for art groups. 
Zoom Meeting Details
Meeting ID: 252 587 9631
Passcode: WPRC1954
Any apologies, please confirm to David Arrowsmith -
Rotary Census  - please complete 
Rotary has recently sent members a ‘census’ survey.  This research can help inform Rotary's future directions and responses.
We ask that everyone please complete the census as soon as possible. 
November Birthdays & Celebrations 
Wishing our Members a happy birthday for the following dates:
Name:                    Birthday: 
David Arrowsmith     3rd November 
Dennis Hartley          13th November 
Elizabeth Gorey        15th November 
Garry Leighton         27th November 
Duties for the following two breakfast meetings: 
Thursday 26 November
Host:            Arthur Blaquiere 
Welcome:      Peter Blockley 
Toast:           Angus Buchanan 
Thanks:        Neville Clare 
Bulletin:       Tim Dawe 
Duty:           Tony Delich  
Thursday 3 December 
Host:            Peter Blockley 
Welcome:      angus Buchanan 
Toast:           Neville Clare 
Thanks:        Tim Dawe 
Bulletin:       Tony Delich  
Duty:           Pat Emery   
District Governor 2023-2024
Our District will be searching for a Governor for 2023-24 shortly.

District governors provide leadership, motivation, and guidance to Rotary clubs under the general supervision of the RI Board of Directors. Governors act as officers of RI, fostering achievement in their district at the club level.

Under the District Leadership Plan, district governors prepare for and execute their duties over a three-year period.

Who do we have in our Club who would make a great DG? 

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